5 Things to Know About Root Canals


May is root canal awareness month. Although many people are already aware of root canals, there are lots of misconceptions about the treatment. For example, there is a nasty (and inaccurate) rumor that root canals are very painful. During May, our dental office is taking the opportunity to help educate our patients about root canals and the things they should know about this essential, tooth-saving endodontic treatment.

5 Things to Know About Root Canals

1. What a Root Canal Is
A root canal is actually a part of your oral anatomy. The root canals are the canal-shaped interiors of the roots of your teeth. The term, however, is often used to refer to root canal therapy which is an endodontic treatment during which the interior of a tooth’s root canals (the pulp) is removed and filled with gutta-percha.

2. Root Canal Therapy Saves Natural Teeth
Dentists recommend root canal therapy as a last resort to save a patient’s natural teeth. When recommended, a root canal is the only treatment standing between your natural tooth and the need for extraction.

3. When You Might Need a Root Canal
Root canal therapy is necessary when the interior pulp of a tooth has been exposed and compromised to bacterial infection. This occurs as a result of injury, disease, severe tooth decay, and old amalgam fillings popping loose.


4. Root Canal Therapy Is Not Painful
Although most people associate pain with root canal therapy, the procedure actually is not painful. We take special care, using local anesthetics, to fully numb the treatment area. As a result, patients experience no pain or discomfort during root canal treatment. There can be some tenderness and/or swelling during recovery which can be adequately treated with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

5. What to Do If You’re Nervous About an Upcoming Root Canal
If you’re worried about an upcoming root canal appointment or have a history of suffering from dental anxiety, we welcome you to contact our office to ask about sedation dentistry which can help you get the dental care you need without the worries.

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