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When it comes to staying in good health, oral health should be a top priority. Given the wide variety of foods that we eat and how that food can get trapped in our gums, teeth, and other areas, making sure that your mouth is healthy can go a long way. Not only does proper oral health lead to a cleaner, better smile, it also leads to preventing serious oral problems. Root canals, cavities, tooth extractions, and many other dental services can be very expensive, so regular cleanings and proper home-care can help you save thousands. To get that amazing smile you’ve always dreamed of, dental cleaning is a must. If you happen to live in the La Mesa, California area and you’re in need of dental services, then be sure to contact Cardinal Dental today! From quick and easy dental cleanings to dental implants, we’re here for all of your dental needs.

How Often Should I Get a Cleaning?

While most of us do a great job of flossing and brushing, we may not be doing these tasks correctly. That being said, visiting the dentist is very important, so a dental professional can show you how to brush and floss the right way, in addition to completing a deep clean. It is recommended to get a professional cleaning every six months. A professional cleaning will also help to remove stains and prevent gum disease.

What’s Included in a Cleaning?

At the beginning of a cleaning visit, the dental professional will first have a visual examination of your teeth and gums. Next, special tools and devices may be used to clean every single tooth and around the gums. The dentist will pay close attention to the gum line since this is a feeding ground for plaque and bacteria. If the hygienist notices a large amount of plaque or bacteria, they may provide guidance to the patient on how to improve their brushing and flossing techniques.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay. During fluoride treatment, fluoride is added to the teeth, which makes them stronger and more resistant to acid attacks. Acid attacks can be caused by sugar, bacteria, and plaque, and they can break down your teeth very quickly.

Gingival Irrigation Treatment

Our gums are infiltrated with bacteria and plaque, which can lead to painful gum disease. Gingival irrigation treatment involves blasting water through your gums in order to break up food particles, plaque, and other forms of bacteria. This process helps keep your gums clean and free of disease.

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For reliable and effective dental cleaning services, our dentist, Dr. Paul Michels, would be happy to help. Dr. Michels graduated from the University of Southern California School Of Dentistry in 2009, and he holds vast experience in the field. To reach incredible oral health, make an appointment with us today!

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