There are numerous processes that happen that result in a healthy mouth. From the roots of our teeth to our crowns, these processes must work correctly in order to limit infection and pain. While proper brushing and flossing techniques will help to eliminate bacteria and other issues, dental procedures are also required from time to time. Among the most popular procedures, such as filling cavities, root canal treatment is also common among adults and children. Root canal therapy involves the cleaning of our tooth roots by reaching deep in the canals to clean infected and inflamed tissue within the root. However, it is possible to still have infected tissue after this dental procedure, which might lead to an apicoectomy.

What is an Apicoectomy?

The very tip or end of our tooth root is called the apex. After root canal treatment, there can still be an infection in this area. If not treated quickly, this infection can spread to other teeth and cause issues in the jawbone. An apicoectomy is essentially the removal of the apex, followed by a filling in this area. This will seal the tooth root to prevent further infection.

Why Get an Apicoectomy?

As stated previously, the main reason for an apicoectomy is to eliminate the infection and inflammation in our tooth roots. Not only can this infection lead to years of dental work, it can also be extremely painful. This procedure is completed to save your tooth from extraction. Here are a few more reasons why an apicoectomy might be needed:

Blocked Canal

Sometimes a root canal can’t be cleaned because it is blocked by a fractured file which was left behind from root canal treatment. This makes it very difficult to access by a dentist.

Small, Complex Root Branches

Our tooth roots can be very complex and small, which might make it very difficult to be cleaned from root canal treatment. Our roots can resemble a tree with many branches extending in different directions. This can make it very hard to clean the infected tissue.

Poorly Shaped Canals

Aside from the branches in our roots, these roots can also be curved and poorly shaped all the way down to the apex. This can make it nearly impossible for a dentist to access, thus resulting in further infection and an ineffective cleaning treatment.

Cardinal Dental Can Help

From our calm and relaxing office to our highly-trained dental professionals, Cardinal Dental can handle an apicoectomy procedure with ease. Located in La Mesa, CA, Cardinal Dental has been serving the local community for years. Call us today for a consultation!

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