What Should I Look For in a Dentist?

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If every dentist offers the same services, what sets one apart from the others? When you are looking for a dentist, what qualities should you take into consideration? Here we discuss the most important factors to consider when choosing a dentist, and we give you four great reasons to choose Cardinal Dental of La Mesa, California!

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is custom-designed to fit securely over a patient’s tooth. Find out if you currently need one.

When Should I Get Overdentures?

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Traditional dentures can be messy and tricky to secure. They can make it difficult to eat certain foods, affect your speech, and even lead to a changed appearance, as a person’s jawbone deteriorates over time.

To Pull or Not to Pull? That’s Today’s Question

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If you have a cracked tooth or significant decay, you might be faced with choosing between a tooth extraction or root canal procedure to save the tooth. This can be a difficult choice to make, and many people often look to the easiest, least expensive option, which is extraction.

Yes, pulling a tooth costs less than a root canal and it’s the fastest treatment, but it is really the best choice?