The Top 5 Foods to Eat for Better Oral Health

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Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet are essential to good overall health. They’re also key components of good oral health. While you probably already know that you can limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks to help protect the health of your teeth.

Why Choose Laser Gum Therapy?

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Laser gum therapy is actually a type of surgery that uses a special type of laser instead of a scalpel. This laser surgery is commonly used to perform a variety of surgeries that involve the gum tissues such as a frenectomy, gingivectomy, and even the removal and sterilization of diseased gum tissues during periodontal disease treatment.

Do I Have a Cavity? 7 Common Signs of Tooth Decay

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No matter how solid your oral hygiene routine is, everyone has bacteria living inside their mouths. These bacteria, along with the sugary and acidic foods you eat, are at the root of tooth decay.

The COVID Connection to Your Oral Health

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What can you do to minimize your risk? By focusing on good oral health habits, you reduce your risk of periodontitis, which may also help to mitigate your risk of severe COVID-19 complications.

When Should I Get Overdentures?

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Traditional dentures can be messy and tricky to secure. They can make it difficult to eat certain foods, affect your speech, and even lead to a changed appearance, as a person’s jawbone deteriorates over time.

To Pull or Not to Pull? That’s Today’s Question

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If you have a cracked tooth or significant decay, you might be faced with choosing between a tooth extraction or root canal procedure to save the tooth. This can be a difficult choice to make, and many people often look to the easiest, least expensive option, which is extraction.

Yes, pulling a tooth costs less than a root canal and it’s the fastest treatment, but it is really the best choice?