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Dental Phobia? Find Out How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Dental Anxiety, Dental Phobia, Sedation Dentistry

If the thought of plopping down in a dentist’s chair sends chills down your spine and makes you tense up with fear, you’re not alone. Surveys estimate that between 13% and 24% of adults fear of going to the dentist. Many people with this fear would rather suffer with a toothache or severe oral infection than visit the dentist for treatment, and many who fear going to the dentist also choose to live with aesthetic imperfections that could easily be corrected with simple cosmetic dentistry services.

It's a New Year, Why Not Resolve to Get a Better Smile?

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Bonding, Bridges, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Fillings, Implants, New Smile, New Year, Teeth Whitening, Veneer

If you’ve ever set a New Year’s resolution and failed to keep it, then you know how tough it can be to make real lifestyle changes. Instead of making promises to yourself that you won’t keep in 2020, why not resolve, this year, to of course try to live healthier, stick with a solid dental care routine, and to finally get the smile you’ve always dreamed of?

Experience the Power of Smiling to Improve Your Health and Happiness

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Happiness, Health, Smiling

People tend to think of smiling as a sort of symptom of happiness, but the neuromuscular connection between the muscles that make us smile and our brains is actually much stronger than that. In fact, the simple act of smiling — whether you do so while feeling happy or not — has the power to affect your entire being, making you feel happier, improving your health, and also making those around you feel great, too!

How to Take Care of Dental Implants

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Dental Implant Care, Dental Implant

Dental implants have become one of the most commonly and highly recommended methods for replacing missing teeth because, once in place, they’re the most comfortable and natural-feeling type of replacement. Dental implant success depends greatly on good oral hygiene before, during, and after placement. Caring for your dental implants properly will ensure they can last you a lifetime.

Healthy Smile, Happy Body: The Connection Between Oral Health and Total Wellness

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Oral Health

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, then you already know flossing and brushing your teeth regularly is essential to keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. It’ll also help you hold onto your natural teeth well into old age.

To Pull or Not to Pull? That's Today's Question

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Uncategorized

If you have a cracked tooth or significant decay, you might be faced with choosing between a tooth extraction or root canal procedure to save the tooth. This can be a difficult choice to make, and many people often look to the easiest, least expensive option, which is extraction.

Yes, pulling a tooth costs less than a root canal and it’s the fastest treatment, but it is really the best choice?

Bruxism: Are Your Teeth Working Overtime, While You Sleep?

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Bruxism, Grinding Your Teeth, Night Guard

Even if you practice stellar oral hygiene while you’re awake, brushing and flossing like a superstar, your teeth could still be at risk of damage in the night.

You Might Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed If...

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth, Wisdom Teeth Removal

A third set of molars, wisdom teeth develop and grow later in life, between the seventeen and twenty-five. Although some people’s wisdom teeth come in without a problem, others do not have enough room in their mouths.

You might need your wisdom teeth out if you experience any of the following signs. Luckily, extracted wisdom teeth won’t leave you looking like one of Jeff Foxworthy’s famed rednecks.

What Are Veneers and How Do They Work?

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Dental Veneer

When you hear the word “veneer,” you might think of a decorative, thin wooden covering that’s used to cover courser, less attractive surfaces. The veneers used in dentistry are thin covers, but they’re not made of wood.

Options for Patients Who Want to Remove and Replace All of Their Teeth

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Dental Implants, Replacing Teeth

Living with missing teeth and/or lasting oral health problems not only causes painful symptoms, but can also affect a person’s health, diet, speech, and appearance. Many of our patients who have persistent oral health concerns due to past injuries, genetics, damage, a history of poor oral hygiene, or age eventually decide that removing and replacing all of their teeth is the best way to completely restore their smiles, eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and achieve the appearance they want.

How Brushing and Flossing Helps Your Heart: The Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Health

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Gum Disease, Heart Health, Periodontal Disease

Regular brushing and flossing can protect the health of your heart by protecting the health of your gums. Although the heart and gums might seem like unrelated parts of the body, more and more research has demonstrated that the health of the cardiovascular system and a person’s gums are actually closely correlated.

What Your Lost Teeth Didn't Tell You About Dental Implants

Author: Cardinal Dental
Topics: Dental Implants, Missing Teeth, Replacing Teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth (or several) to something other than the tooth fairy, read on to find out why it’s important to replace lost teeth and why dental implants are one of the best ways to restore your smile.

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