How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath?


How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Everyone suffers from the occasional bad morning breath or post-dinner garlic breath, but every once in a while, a person might experience more persistent bad breath that simply brushing or chewing a stick of gum can’t nix. If this sounds like you, consider the following tips for freshening your breath.

5 Tips for Eliminating Bad Breath

1. Brush and Floss Regularly

Practicing good oral hygiene habits is the best way to prevent bad breath because the most common cause is poor oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.

For added bad breath protection, clean your mouth after every meal – just be sure to wait at least half an hour to ensure your teeth are remineralized after eating before you brush them.

2. Use an Antibacterial Mouth Rinse

If you brush and floss regularly but still suffer from bad breath, you can add a mouth rinse to your oral hygiene routine to eliminate even more bacteria living in hard-to-reach places inside your mouth. Be sure to choose an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash.

3. Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth can contribute to bad breath because saliva plays an essential role in keeping your mouth clean and smelly bacterial growth at bay. To ensure your saliva production stays active and your mouth stays moist, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.


4. Get a Dental Checkup

Dental problems like periodontal disease (a bacterial infection of the gums), cavities, and other oral infections can cause bad breath. Visit the dentist to rule out these problems or get them diagnosed and treated.

5. Rule Out Underlying Diseases

Health problems like sinus infections, viruses, bacterial infections, diabetes, renal failure, and acid reflux can cause bad breath. These types of underlying conditions need to be addressed to manage the bad breath.

Schedule a Checkup With Our Dentist in La Mesa

A variety of oral health issues can cause and contribute to bad breath. If you’ve been struggling to stay minty fresh, we encourage you to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Michels. He’ll perform a thorough examination to help you rule out any underlying causes and provide you with treatment options to get your bad breath under control.

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