Should You Consider Laser Therapy for Gum Disease?


Should You Consider Laser Therapy for Gum Disease?

If you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease (gum disease), then you’re probably also already aware that gum disease affects more than just your teeth and gums. Your dentist has probably talked with you about some of the infection’s more serious systemic consequences like increased risk for a blood infection, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, reproductive issues, and more.

If you have periodontal disease, then you know you shouldn’t take it lightly and that you need to get it treated.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Options

In addition to practicing thorough oral hygiene at home, you’ll likely need to visit our office for more frequent cleanings. Depending on the extent of your gum infection, you might require further treatment which might include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing (a deep cleaning that removes plaque and tartar well below the gum line)
  • Antibiotics (help combat the bacterial infection and prevent it from spreading)
  • Laser Therapy (removes the infected and inflamed gum tissue around the root and base of the tooth)

When diagnosed with periodontal disease, our dentist will talk with you about your treatment options to help you decide which is best for you.


What Is Laser Gum Therapy?

The most advanced treatment for periodontal disease, laser gum therapy is a type of surgery that uses laser light to remove infected portions of the gum with precision while sterilizing the affected area. The patient’s gums can then regenerate healthy tissue during the healing process.

Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy

Using lasers, rather than scalpels, in surgery has many advantages, such as:

  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Much more sterile, reducing the risk of infection
  • Precise application
  • Less intrusive than traditional surgery
  • Requires no stitches, as tissues are instantly cauterized
  • Causes less damage to nearby tissues
  • Less pain, bleeding, and swelling
  • Accelerated recovery

Is Laser Gum Therapy the Right Treatment Choice for You?

Whether or not laser gum therapy is the right treatment option for you depends on your specific circumstances. For example, extreme or advanced forms of periodontitis might be more successfully treated using traditional surgery methods.

Patients who receive laser gum therapy also must be willing to follow post-operative care instructions from their dentist. These might include the curtailment of smoking, reducing your intake of sugary foods or drinks, brushing gently, using an antibacterial rinse, and more.

Laser Gum Therapy in La Mesa

To find out whether laser gum therapy might be the best treatment option for your case of periodontal disease, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Michels at Cardinal Dental.