What Is a Porcelain Crown and Why Might You Need One?


What Is a Porcelain Crown and Why Might You Need One?

A porcelain crown is a tooth-shaped cap made of 100% porcelain. Porcelain crowns are designed to fit over, completely cover, and restore the portion of a natural tooth that is above the gum line.

How Are Porcelain Crowns Different From Other Dental Crowns?

Some crowns are made of porcelain fused to a metal base. Although these types of crowns are a bit more durable than crowns made from 100% porcelain, they are not as aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain shares the same translucent quality as natural tooth enamel. When fused to metal, the darker metallic color shows through a bit, making the overall look of the crown a little less natural.

On the other hand, 100% porcelain tooth restorations like dental crowns offer a seamlessly natural look. They’re a perfect option for capping more visible teeth that are located toward the front of the mouth, and porcelain fused to metal crowns are typically reserved for capping less visible molars that need to withstand more chewing pressure inside the mouth.


Why You Might Need a Porcelain Crown

Dental patients get crowns for both cosmetic and restorative reasons. Sometimes they receive them to achieve a complete smile restoration that improves the look, form, and function of their smiles.

Most commonly, crowns are needed to protect, strengthen, and preserve a patient’s natural tooth that has been significantly compromised due to tooth decay, infection, injury, trauma, or a broken tooth. Sometimes, they’re used to cover up old amalgam fillings that have popped loose. Along with a root canal, dental crowns (including 100% porcelain crowns) are often the last treatment option available to help a patient avoid needing a tooth extraction.

Other times, crowns are used to improve the appearance of a tooth by covering up severe tooth discoloration or correcting the appearance of a broken or abnormally shaped tooth.

Complete Smile Restorations in La Mesa

At Cardinal Dental in La Mesa, our patients have access to comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry services designed to improve the health, form, and function of our patients’ smiles.

If you have a broken tooth, significant tooth decay, or simply want to improve the look of your smile, we encourage you to schedule a smile restoration consultation. Dr. Michels will examine your teeth, talk with you about your smile and dental health goals, and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.