Set These 5 Resolutions for Better Teeth This New Year


Set These 5 Resolutions for Better Teeth This New Year

At the beginning of each new year, we always resolve to live better, healthier lives. While your resolutions might focus on dietary choices and exercise routines, you shouldn’t forget about your teeth because maintaining healthy teeth and gums is integral to maintaining a healthy body all around. Keep reading for five New Year’s resolution ideas that focus on improving oral health for better health overall.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Teeth

1. Drink More Water
Increasing your water intake will help your body feel better, and it will also improve your oral health. Water is the best way to flush away harmful bacteria, acids, and plaque from your teeth and gums throughout the day. Plus, fluoride-enhanced water will help you maintain strong, healthy teeth. Additionally, staying hydrated increases saliva production which helps prevent mouth sores, dry mouth, sinus problems, and snoring.

2. Replace Your Brush
With worn out bristles, an old toothbrush can’t clean your teeth and gums effectively. Aim to replace your toothbrush (or brush head, if you use an electric toothbrush) every two to three months or as soon as the bristles fray. Set yourself reminders on your calendar to ensure you remember when the time for a new brush arrives.

3. Improve Your Routine
If you don’t already brush and floss twice a day, now’s the time to start. If you’re already brushing and flossing regularly, consider adding an alcohol-free mouth rinse to your routine. This will help you fight sneaky bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach places and can even improve the strength of your teeth with additional fluoride exposure.


4. Boost Brushing Technique
Brushing every day won’t be as effective if you aren’t brushing properly. Improve your technique with these tips:

  • Hold the brush at a 45° angle.
  • Focus on one tooth at a time.
  • Move the brush in small, slow circles.
  • Don’t press too hard!
  • Brush the outer surface, inner surface, and chewing surface of the top and bottom rows.
  • Brush for at least two minutes.

5. Schedule a Checkup
Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential to your oral health. Regular appointments ensure that major problems are prevented and minor concerns are diagnosed and addressed early on.

Start the New Year Right with a Checkup at Cardinal Dental

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