Snap On/Overdentures

Snap On/Overdentures

Although seeing the dentist can be a dramatic experience for some, dental issues are a part of life. If you’re like most people, then you’ve properly experienced cavities or maybe root canal treatment at some point in your life. But given the complexity of our oral health and what happens to our teeth as we age, artificial teeth might be in our future. Luckily, there are many tooth replacement options offered by most dentists. Not only do these options result in very real-looking teeth, but they can also help maintain proper oral health. In fact, tooth replacements can lead to improved health and fewer dental complications in the future. One very popular solution for tooth replacement needs involves the use of snap-on/overdentures.

What Are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-on dentures, or an implant supported denture, is a very popular solution for tooth loss given their amazing comfort and durability. In addition, snap-on dentures are very convenient to use and look identical to natural teeth. Snap-on dentures, also called overdentures, are snapped into place with the use of implants. These dental implants are placed into your upper or lower jaw and provide easy access for placing dentures. Unlike standard dentures, snap-on dentures stay in place and won’t slip while eating or speaking. Say goodbye to annoying and uncomfortable dentures and try snap-on dentures today!

What Are the Benefits?

Given the many benefits of snap-on dentures, many are deciding this method over alternative treatment options. However, it’s important to know that these dentures don’t work for everyone. For one to use this method, they’ll have to have enough bone in their jaw to support implants. In addition, since standard dentures are very difficult to wear on the lower jaw, snap-on dentures are usually used in this location and not very often on the upper jaw. These dentures are customized for your mouth to provide the comfort you desire. These overdentures provide many great benefits for patients, including:

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • They look identical to natural teeth
  • Very durable
  • They improve your self-satisfaction
  • The procedure is simple
  • Very affordable
  • Makes eating and drinking easier
  • Allows you to speak more clearly

With the long list of advantages of utilizing snap-on dentures, this method is becoming very popular for people all over the world. However, it’s important to use a trusted and experienced dentist for this procedure to get the best results possible.

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