To Pull or Not to Pull? That’s Today’s Question

To Pull or Not to Pull? That’s Today’s Question

If you have a cracked tooth or significant decay, you might be faced with choosing between a tooth extraction or root canal procedure to save the tooth. This can be a difficult choice to make, and many people often look to the easiest, least expensive option, which is extraction.

Yes, pulling a tooth costs less than a root canal and it’s the fastest treatment, but it is really the best choice?

Benefits of Saving a Tooth

Consider these benefits of preserving natural teeth, before deciding to have a tooth extracted:

  • Natural teeth are strongest.
  • Surrounding teeth will naturally shift into the space left by your pulled tooth, changing bite and appearance.
  • Without adequate pressure from teeth, the jaw bone deteriorates. This leads to bone loss and can alter a person’s appearance over time.
  • Saving your tooth means you won’t have to deal with an empty space in your mouth. Depending on which tooth is affected, losing it could mean a significant change to your appearance.
  • Avoid potential side effects and complications of a pulled tooth, such as dry socket and lingering pain.
  • You might require additional dental visits to consider replacing your pulled tooth.

Options after Having a Tooth Pulled

Even if you prefer a root canal to having your tooth pulled, some teeth are so damaged that they cannot be saved. If you must have a tooth extraction, there are options for replacing the tooth. These include:

  • Flipper – A flipper is a small mouth piece that serves as more of a cosmetic replacement than a functional one — especially when filling in the gap of only a single missing tooth.
  • Dental Bridge – A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that fits in the gap left by your pulled tooth. A bridge is a permanent dental appliance, as it is affixed to nearby teeth. Installation requires neighboring teeth to be shaved down so that the bridge can be fitted and affixed accordingly.
  • Dental Implant and Crown – A dental implant is the most effective replacement for a pulled tooth. A dental implant features a metal post, which is installed and fused to the patient’s jaw bone. The metal post mimics a patient’s natural tooth root. Once the post is in place, a crown is then fixed to the post to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants are permanent, durable, and prevent jaw bone deterioration.

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