What Are the Tools in the Dentist’s Office?


Visiting the dentist for a cleaning and checkup can make some people feel anxious. For some, this anxiety can arise as a result of simply not knowing what to expect in the dental exam chair.

Getting better acquainted with things like the processes and tools used during regular dental cleanings and examinations, and even during other types of dental appointments, can help ease this anxiety, making for a more pleasant and better-informed dental care experience.

4 Dental Tools Commonly Used in the Dental Office

Mouth Mirror
Mouth mirrors are some of the most benign-looking tools used by dentists. A mouth mirror consists of a small, circular mirror attached to the end of a rod. These mirrors help give your dentist and dental hygienist a better view of your teeth and gums when cleaning and looking for signs of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. They also help to hold your tongue out of the way during your examination.

The dental scaler has a pointed and curved tip that the dental hygienist uses to remove plaque and tartar that have accumulated on the surface of your teeth. This tool is essential in the prevention of gum disease.

Dental Probes
There are a variety of different dental probes that have different-looking tips. However, they all serve the same purpose – helping your dentist detect cavities and look for signs of gum disease. They can also be used to scrape tartar away from the surface of the teeth in harder-to-reach places.


Saliva Suction Device
If you’ve been to the dentist, then you probably already know this one. The saliva suction device is like a small vacuum with a disposable (or removable) tube at the end. This tool is used to suck excess saliva, water, and other stuff (like dental polish) out of the patient’s mouth during dental exams and other treatments.

It can also be used to create a drier surface on your teeth so that the dentist can more clearly detect signs of dental problems.

Dental Syringe
A dental syringe is like a regular syringe but designed for use in the mouth. These special syringes deliver anesthetics (numbing agents) to the soft tissues to ensure your mouth is numb before any more invasive dental treatments or surgeries.

Superior Treatment With Advanced Dental Tools and Technology

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