The Infamous Root Canal: What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy

The Infamous Root Canal: What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy

Everyone has heard stories about the dreaded root canal procedure. Despite the lore surrounding the root canal, the truth is root canals today aren’t actually all that painful or invasive thanks to modern dentistry procedures, medications, and equipment. With over 15 million root canals performed annually in the U.S., the root canal is a quite common procedure.

Rather than look at the root canal with fear, it’s best to remember that it’s a wonderful way to avoid having a tooth pulled. When a patient’s tooth decay reaches the interior pulp of the tooth, a root canal is often the only way to preserve a patient’s damaged or decayed natural tooth.

Rather than fear your upcoming root canal appointment, read through this article, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

What to Expect During a Root Canal

1. Consultation
Before your root canal appointment, our dentist will consult with you about the upcoming appointment. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you might have, discuss any of your concerns, and talk with Dr. Michels if you’re interested in our sedation dentistry services.

2. The Appointment & Root Canal Procedure
If you decide to use sedation dentistry, Dr. Michels will provide you with additional pre-appointment instructions. If you do not request additional sedation dentistry services, we’ll only use local anesthetics to ensure you experience no pain or discomfort during your root canal. Your appointment will begin with the administration of these numbing agents.

A small hole will then be drilled into your tooth and its infected pulp will be removed. Once clean and dry, the dentist will fill the tooth and secure it with a filling that will protect the inside of the tooth until its permanent, protective
crown can be placed.

3. Aftercare
Once the numbing agent wears off, patients might experience some pain. Over-the-counter pain relievers and an ice pack will help. Patients can usually resume normal activities right away, but you might want to plan to take the rest of the day off.

Schedule a Root Canal Consultation at Cardinal Dental

When you schedule a consultation at Cardinal Dental with our dentist Dr. Paul Michels, we’ll work with you to make your root canal experience as pleasant as possible. Our dentist is highly experienced and skilled in performing root canal procedures, and we also offer a variety of sedation dentistry services. We’ll work with you to discuss your level of comfort in visiting the dentist and do everything we can to limit stress from dental anxiety and pain during your root canal recovery.