When Should I Get Overdentures?


When Should I Get Overdentures?

Traditional dentures can be messy and tricky to secure. They can make it difficult to eat certain foods, affect your speech, and even lead to a changed appearance, as a person’s jawbone deteriorates over time. Thanks to dental implant technology an array of alternatives to traditional dentures have arisen. For many patients, overdentures – instead of traditional dentures – have become the preferred treatment option for smile restoration and replacing entire rows of missing teeth.

What Are Overdentures?

Simply put, overdentures are implant-supported dentures.
Similar to traditional dentures, overdentures are designed to replace either or both the top and bottom rows of missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, an overdenture requires zero adhesive. Instead, overdentures snap firmly into place in the mouth using two or four dental implants as anchors.


Why Choose Overdentures?

1. More Stable and Comfortable
Whether anchored atop four or two dental implants, overdentures have a more natural fit than traditional dentures. The increased stability afforded by the dental implants also makes them much more comfortable than traditional dentures. Patients can eat, speak, and smile normally without worrying about their dentures clacking, slipping, lifting, or falling out.

2. Avoid Bone Deterioration
Traditional dentures have no impact on the stimulation a patient’s jawbone receives. As a result, traditional dentures lead to the deterioration and loss of jawbone which will change a person’s physical appearance over time. With implant-anchored overdentures, the jawbone receives ample pressure and stimulation to maintain bone density, avoiding degeneration and preserving a patient’s current appearance.

3. Less Costly and Long Lasting
Compared to other options for replacing entire rows of teeth, such as replacing each tooth with an individual implant, overdentures are much less expensive. Placing two or four implants also requires a less invasive process than replacing all teeth with implants.
Overdentures are also durable. When properly cared for, they usually last a lifetime.


Find Out If Overdentures Are Right for You

Overdentures are a wonderful alternative to traditional dentures and a great solution for replacing a full set of missing teeth. However, they aren’t always the right solution for everyone. For example, dental implants are only recommended for patients with enough bone mass to support the anchors, and they aren’t usually recommended for patients who smoke or use chewing tobacco.

To find out if overdentures or another mouth restoration option is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a smile restoration consultation with Dr. Paul Michels at Cardinal Dental in La Mesa. He’ll ask you about your goals and expectations, examine your mouth and jaw, and talk with you about all your options for replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile.