You Might Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed If…

You Might Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed If…

A third set of molars, wisdom teeth develop and grow later in life, between the seventeen and twenty-five. Although some people’s wisdom teeth come in without a problem, others do not have enough room in their mouths.

You might need your wisdom teeth out, if you experience any of the following signs. Luckily, extracted wisdom teeth won’t leave you looking like one of Jeff Foxworthy’s famed rednecks.

Common Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

Impacted Teeth

When there’s not enough room for development. Wisdom teeth grow at an angle, damaging neighboring molars and leading to painful symptoms.

Pain and Irritation

Wisdom teeth sometimes cause pain and irritation. A dentist can evaluate the molars to determine if removal is necessary.

Difficulty Eating

Food easily sticks between wisdom teeth and gums. Since these molars are deep in the mouth, they are difficult to keep clean.

Cyst Formation

If you develop a cyst (a pocket of fluid in the gums) around a wisdom tooth, it can lead to bone degeneration. You might need to have the cyst and tooth removed to prevent further complications.

Not Enough Space

When wisdom teeth try to come in without enough space, they shift, move, and push existing teeth closer together. This can damage existing teeth.

Sinus Problems

You have maxillary sinuses in your upper jaw. When the upper wisdom teeth grow in and their roots develop, they can push against the sinuses in the jaw. This additional pressure can cause sinus pain, pressure, congestion, and sinus headaches.

Inflamed Gums

Sometimes when wisdom teeth erupt, they create a thick flap of gum tissue next to the tooth. Food particles easily become trapped in this excess tissue. Since the teeth are so far in the back of the mouth, they’re not easy to clean thoroughly. As a result, the gum tissues become inflamed and can harden (a condition called pericoronitis).


Difficult to clean, bacteria often causes cavities on wisdom teeth.


Preventative Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Some people live with their wisdom teeth — problem free — for their entire lives. Sometimes, however, dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth even if a patient has no current issues. Located at the very back of the mouth, wisdom teeth can be difficult to keep clean and can also crowd the mouth, leaving a patient susceptible to future tooth decay or other issues. Removing teeth while the bones are still soft is a much simpler procedure than having them extracted later in life.

To learn more about wisdom teeth or find out whether you should have yours or your child’s removed, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at Cardinal Dental.