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Teeth Whitening Treatment in La Mesa

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Treatment

Nothing sets a better first impression than a great smile. Whether you’re going on a date or conducting a business presentation, a beautiful, white smile can go a long way. Furthermore, those with whiter smiles tend to be happier and have greater self-satisfaction. However, given the common foods and drinks that tend to stain our teeth, maintaining a white smile is now harder than ever. Coffee, cigarettes, and acidic drinks are terrible for your teeth, so we must do all that we can to ensure our teeth stay as white as possible. Over the years, there have been a number of teeth whitening techniques used by millions. However, a lot of these take weeks or even months to work, and they can be very expensive. One very effective treatment is called ZOOM Whitening.

What is ZOOM Teeth Whitening?

Usually, you’ll have to go through some major dental work to really get the whitest smile possible. ZOOM Whitening is a safe, quick, and pain-free treatment to truly get a beautiful smile without the need for extreme dental services. ZOOM Whitening is a bleaching process that whitens your enamel and dentin. The process is very fast and easy, and you should see results right away!

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How Does it Work?

ZOOM Whitening treatment consists of a gel that is applied to your teeth. A heat source is then applied to this gel in order for the gel to enter the enamel. This process removes stains and discoloration very quickly and effectively. The procedure is repeated three times and each process takes about 15 minutes. After this procedure, the dentist will usually provide a fluoride treatment.

When Will I See Results?

Fast Teeth Whitening in La Mesa

One of the greatest benefits of ZOOM Whitening is that you’ll see results immediately! As soon as the treatment is completed, you’ll be amazed at your gorgeous, white smile! Unlike other treatment options that can take weeks to see results, you’ll be blown away at just how fast ZOOM Whitening works.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

After ZOOM Whitening treatment, you can experience whiter teeth for years. To get the best results possible, we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with ZOOM Whitening toothpaste. Also, utilizing ZOOM Whitening touch-up gel can really make your white smile last.

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